Nicolas Blanco

Nicolas Blanco

PhD student in Theoretical Computer Science

University of Birmingham


I am a PhD student in the Theoretical Computer Science group at the University of Birmingham. My supervisors are Noam Zeilberger and Paul Levy. My research interests mainly involve category theory, logic and their applications.

I graduated from the Master in Mathematical Logic and Foundations of Computer Science at the Paris Diderot University. During this period I did a five-month internship under the supervision of Benoît Valiron on the syntax and semantics of a linear probabilistic $\lambda\mu$-calculus. Then I was using formal methods as a software engineer and safety engineer at Clearsy for almost two years. More recently I did a research internship at Riverlane about the specification and verification of dataflow programs.

During my PhD I have been investigating bifibred polycategories to provide models of refinements of classical multiplicative linear logic. This has lead to a publication.

Lately I have been looking at developing a similar approach to (full) intuitionistic linear logic using some fibred generalised multicategories. This is inspired by linear non-linear logic and by recent work by Martin Hyland and Christine Tasson on its multicategorical models.

  • Monoidal, $\ast$-autonomous categories
  • (Generalised) Multicategories, Polycategories
  • Fibrations, Grothendieck construction
  • Linear Logic
  • Quantum Programming Languages
  • PhD in Theoretical Computer Science, 2022

    University of Birmingham

  • MSc in Mathematical Logic and Foundation of Computer Science, 2016

    Paris Diderot University